Current Issues

Hunt item script - there has been an issue with the hunt item script where it has been given duplicates of the gifts. New updated hunt items have been sent to the store owners so items will be fixed ASAP.
Please do not hasstle the store owners regarding the issue, please forward and queries or concerns to Evelyn Hartshon or Isabelli Anatine.

2. Dear Deer - No longer in the hunt
10. Just Posing!- Script not working
18. Lil Things - New Location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nuvoletta/176/88/29
25. Bersadia's Boutique - Item not out
26. OX Apparel - New location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Infusion/156/217/22
40. Reboot - Skip
42. spoiled - temporary location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burns/16/181/85

This post will be updated as soon as issues are fixed - please be patient.


Participating Stores and Slurls

There are no landmarks in the hunt items (this is to avoid wrong landmarks in hunt items), you can teleport to the stores via the slurls on the blog and the notecard in the hunt group. Stores are numbered however they can be visited in any order.

  1. L'Anguisette Skin and Body Shoppe 
  2. Repose
  3. Facepalm
  4. Divine Diamond Productions
  6. [lady.fakessi]
  7. Clayton Lane
  8. {Sugar Blossom}
  9. ~Just Posing~
  11. [bade]
  12. Milk Tea
  13. Freak
  14. [:Rad Designz:]
  15. id - I C O N I C D E S I G N S 
  16. Ingenious Fantasy
  17. Lil Things 
  18. [Fetch]
  19.  :: Aquila's Boutique::
  20. Shameless
  21. SLooT
  22. Little Llama
  23.  Magnolia
  24.  Bersadia's Boutique 
  25. .OX Apparel.
  26. Fission
  27. .Ama.
  28. ..Echo. 
  29. || Kidz Clozet ||
  30. ::OXI::
  31. -
  32. .Sweet Tea Couture
  33. .GeMyles Couture
  34. .!.NOVA9.!
  35. *MoSt*
  36. .Whimsical Fashions
  37. Moonlitecat Creations
  38. FlyingArts
  39. .Reboot.
  40. Adorably Strange Wares
  41. .spoiled
  42. Operate

Hunt Hints

  1. Gimme wings!
  2. .
  3. Worn out from hunting? You can grab a cup coffee where you'll find the hunt object!
  4. Its a roll of the dice.
  5. I wish I was apart of a Fairytale
  6. I enjoy scenery to see from a window.
  7. " You got banned? Please...they banned us from the CIA. " 
  8. .
  9. Near something cute cuddley, with a trunk and purple :D
  10. Take a break from all that hunting and nap on the couch! 
  11. lounge around
  12. "I'm waiting for you...behind the stairs
  13. Don't you know? The bunnies do all the work around here!
  14. I'm bowing to the princess
  15. OMG! its soo bright up here!
  17. I'm with all the NEW stuff!
  18. The pixels are red and black
  19. The year might be 2015, but if you want to find this prize, you'll have to think like a vintage gamer.
  20. Step Into the Lion's Den
  21. "We ride unicorns!"
  22. "My lips are sealed!"
  23. What time is it?
  24. To infinity and beyond!
  25. -
  26. Sometimes, a frosty treat, is what helps make a hot summer day fun.
  27. Bombs away!
  28. 1. Deer, have a seat and talk to me. 2.Cold hands? We've got a gacha for that!
  29.  Flutter those lashes 
  30. 1. Charlie and the Chocolate factory - up, up and away! 2. Wash your hands and dry them, hang the towel when you're finished. 3. Mini Crocodile Dundee needs a nap.
  31. 'Hmm...I wonder where the TREASURE is here...'
  32. -
  33. Just Relax
  34. Swing... just like Sia!
  35. Hidden in a display
  36. Under the red kitty cat, oh look! There's an elevator to go to first floor *-*
  37. What is a designer without the support of her friends, particularly her best friend.
  38. "Lets keep the lights on
  39. It's what the Unknown Hunt is all about .. Finding something ____!

  40. A tisket, a tasket, 2015 in a basket.
  41. I feel so tiny where I am
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